Purple Ribbons
In Corona California

August Is Purple Ribbon Month

Kaitlyn's Purple Ribbons

As you drive thru Corona in the month of August you may notice a Purple Ribbon on some of the trees. These Purple Ribbons are there to remind us about the dangers of leaving our kids in the car, even for a second.

August is one of our hottest months and especially dangerous! It is never safe to leave your kids or pets in the car for any reason, even "just for a second" to run back into the house, pick up the dry-cleaning, or any other "quick" errand. In many cases it is illegal to leave your kids in the car thanks to the efforts of "Kaitlyn's Law".

You see Kaitlyn, the cute little angel at the top of this page, was left in a car in August 2000 by her babysitter. As you drive through Corona and see those Purple Ribbons take a moment to remember Kaitlyn and how "Kaitlyn's Law" will live on to save others.